BSCB Annual Report 2015-16

Today I am pleased to publish the 2015/16 BSCB Annual Report.  I took over as Independent Chair in April 2016, charged with reviewing partnership arrangements and sustaining and accelerating progress on delivery of the Strategic Plan 2014-17.  Our shared and agreed purpose remains to ensure that Birmingham becomes confidently regarded and evidenced to be a safe and sound place in which to grow up.

All partners are committed to and working together, delivering the required improvements.  This process is underway and the destination is clear.

I commend the Child Death Overview Panel report which is also published today.  It analyses the cause of all child deaths in the City and sets out four key issues to address, including the management of childhood asthma.  

Penny Thompson,
BSCB Independent Chair


Please find below a links to the Annual Report and the appendices that accompany the report.

BSCB Annual Report 2015-16

Annual report 2015 16




Appendix 1 - Getting to Great - Strategic Plan 2015-17 and Business Improvement Plan 2016/17

Appendix 2 - Strategy for Early Help in Birmingham 2015-17

Appendix 3 - Birmingham Child Death Overview Annual Report 2015/16

Appendix 4 - Multi-Agency Child Sexual Exploitation Framework and Strategy 2015-17
























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