Business Improvement Plan 2017-19

Penny Thompson is pleased to introduce and commend the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) Business Improvement Plan 2017-19 to you.

As Independent Chair for a year now, I can assure all the citizens of Birmingham that this plan has been put together by the partner organisations on the Safeguarding Children Board, with the intent of achieving a safe city for children and young people, with effective arrangements for protection from significant harm.

This ambition when set against the improvement agenda of the past years, has generated our three specific priorities: Strong Leadership and Strong Partnership; Continuous improvement of Child Protection Practice; and Embedding Early Help and Early Intervention into mainstream partnership activity.

Over the past year, we have reviewed progress and seized the opportunity afforded by the Alan Wood Review of Safeguarding. This has led to reshaped Safeguarding partnership governance arrangements, which have at their core, clear accountability, a commitment to learning and improvement, and a relentless focus on supporting best practice, with the voice and experience of children and young people at the heart of all we do.

This document is purposefully succinct, we want our endeavours to be focused on actions not words. We want staff and citizens to be able to answer positively, if asked: “what has the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board done for you?”


 Bus PLan

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