Early Help Assessment and Our Family Plan

‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ March 2015 outlines that effective early help relies upon local agencies working together to identify children and families who would benefit from early help, undertaking an early help assessment and providing targeted early help services to address those needs to significantly improve outcomes. 

All agencies have a responsibility to deliver Early Help in line with Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board’s (BSCB) agreed Levels of Need as set out in ‘Right Services, Right Time’ (RSRT - March 2015) and consistent  with Birmingham’s Early Help Strategy agreed by BSCB and individual partners in April 2015. 

The Partnership has agreed the adoption of the ‘Signs of Safety and Wellbeing Practice Framework’, and we have used this to strengthen and simplify the assessment process in Birmingham, with the Early Help Assessment and Our Family Plan.  Both these documents should be registered with the Early Help Support Team (details on the form and in the guidance) and the BSCB will monitor the number, quality and impact of this work with families.

 You can download the Early Help Assessment Form and Our Family Plan here

The Assessment and Plan are password protected, the passwords can be found in the guidance below

Full Early Help Guidance including the Early Help Assessment and Our Family Plan is here

Short Quality and Compliance Guide are available – Early Help Assessment here  and Our Family Plan here

Examples of completed Early Help Assessments and Our Family Plans:

1. Example from a Children’s Centre – Early Help Assessment here and Our Family Plan here

2. Example from a School - Early Help Assessment and Our Family Plan – coming soon

3. Example from Health - Early Help Assessment and Our Family Plan – coming soon

Support for completing an Early Help Assessment is available from the Early Help Support Team - EHST duty desk number: 0121 303 8117

To register your Early Help Assessment and Our Family Plan, please send to the Early Help Support Team:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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