Child Protection Procedures: Introduction

Welcome to the Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) Child Protection Procedures. These procedures represent a re-badging of the current ACPC child protection guidance as at April 2006; they are approved as the definitive guide, and provide a practice framework for all agencies and professionals who work together to safeguard children in Birmingham.

The first two sections of these procedures set out the principles which Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board expects all professionals and agencies to apply in dealing with child protection issues, and definitions of some of the words and phrases used; sections three to eight describe the core procedure to be followed in all situations in which a child protection issue arises; and the remaining sections give guidance about dealing with specific situations. The appendices provide information which professionals involved in this work may find useful.

The Safeguarding Board will be developing and expanding this guidance over the coming years in order to reflect its wider safeguarding role and in light of planned new national guidance.

Jane Held
Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board Chair

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