"Right Services, Right Time" - Meeting Children's Needs



"Right Services, Right Time" – Meeting Children’s Needs - Launched on Monday 13th May 2013

As you will know, Birmingham Council and its partners were the subject of an inspection of Children’s Safeguarding Arrangements in the City in September 2012 and were found to be inadequate. Some of the reasons for us not effectively meeting vulnerable children’s needs in the past have been the way the system has led to front line practitioners passing responsibility from one service or team to another, the poor quality of discussion between professionals and repeated assessments to decide which “level of need” the child can be fitted into. The Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) has been working on this issue since October last year and in March 2013 BSCB formally adopted our new “needs model”. This replaces the previous approach of having four different levels of need and very simply is about providing the child with the right service at the right time.

Many of you contributed to the consultation on the revised Model, it sits alongside the work we have done on improving the quality of referrals and the development of an early help offer and better ways to use the CAF processes to get early help into a family and should lead to less time being wasted on discussions about “thresholds” and whether a child “meets the criteria”

The new “needs model” "Right Services, Right Time" went live on the 13th May 2013. A series of communication events wereheld across the city to raise awareness and support agencies implementation of this new approach in meeting children’s needs. All staff need to be well informed and understand the application of the new model.

All partner agencies are requested to undertake preparation for the dissemination of the "Right Services, Right Time’" model and discard all materials relating to “the Windscreen”.

To support implementation you will find below

  • The “Needs model” "Right Services, Right Time" leaflet and supporting descriptors 
  • A leaflet containing advice on what makes a good referral to social care
  • A leaflet explaining what happens next after a referral has been made
  • A leaflet describing the new Information Advice Support Service

The Safeguarding Board expects each agency to disseminate the new ‘Needs model’ and referral guidance throughout their organisation 

If you require any further information about "Right Services, Right Time’" please do not hesitate to contact the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub on 0121 303 1888.

  • "Right Services, Right Time" - Guidance: Click Here 
  • "Right Services, Right Time" - Leaflet: Click Here 
  • "Right Services, Right Time" - Poster: Click Here 





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