Learning Lesson's Bulletins

‘Learning Lessons’ - Briefing notes for Team Meetings

Sharing learning from Serious Case Reviews and joint audit activity is key to improving safeguarding practice.  The Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board is committed to ensuring that this important learning is shared as widely as possible with professionals across all agencies.

A monthly learning lessons briefing note is available to download and circulate on this page.  The short summary provides background of the case, identifies key learning and highlights areas for practice improvement.  To support Team Meeting discussions a powerpoint presentation for each case has also been developed - these are available below.

The briefing notes compliment face to face learning events that take place across the city throughout the year.  Click here for more details; 

Briefing Publication Date
Learning Lessons Briefing BSCB 2016-17/01
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation

October 2017
Learning Lessons Briefing - Safeguarding Audits 
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation

August 2017

Learning Lessons Briefing BSCB 2015-16/04
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation

July 2017

Learning Lessons Briefing BSCB 2015-16/01 
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation

June 2017

Learning Lessons Briefing BSCB 2015-16/02 
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation

February 2017

Learning Lessons Briefing January 2017
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation

January 2017

Learning Lessons Briefing November 2016
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation 

December 2016

Learning Lessons from SCRs - BSCB 2011-12/01 
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation 

June 2016

Learning Lessons from SCRs - BSCB 2013-14/02 
Team Meeting Briefing Powerpoint Presentation 

May 2016

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